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I updated the headshot with a slight danganronpa style and I'm really happy with it : )


Full Name : Lachlan Kelly (Lock-Lan)
Nicknames : Lachie (Locky)
Gender : Male
Sexuality/Orientation: Bisexual, Demi-romantic
D.O.B : September 25 (Libra)
Age : 18
Nationality : Australian
Height : 177.5cm/5'10"ft
Weight : 75 kg/166 lbs.
Handedness : Right
Blood Type : A+


SHSL Title : SHSL Lifeguard- He's grown up in the ocean his entire life, so he knows it better than anyone. He is always alert and easily notices physical changes in people that may lead to an emergency later. Finally, he is incredibly athletic and has a high endurance that allows him to work harder and take on riskier situations. He has saved many people's lives and is so brave that he is willing to go into highly dangerous situations.

Trial Skill(s) :

Seaing and Herring About it
After extensive practice monitoring beaches and scanning for danger, Lachlan has developed a keen sense of observation. He is likely to have noticed something out of the ordinary and report it to his peers (especially behavioral changes because he is trained to look for people acting out of the ordinary).

Goodness Gracious!
Lachlan is a rather endearing and polite boy even under stressful circumstances. When questioning possible witnesses, he is able to get more information because he feels more trusting, almost like a friend.

Trial Weakness(es) :

You jelly(fish)?
Often envious of others, Lachlan has the possibility to hide evidence if he thinks the student is outshining him and hogging all of the success. He may sabotage them by "accidentally misplacing" key evidence just to knock them down a couple pegs.

I can't kelp myself
Easily confused by intelligent and logical arguments, Lachlan can misinterpret and misunderstand the point being conveyed, and believe it to be completely inaccurate. He is very vocal about things he doesn't believe to be true. To top it off, he might say something self incriminating and not even realize it.


Personality :

{+Positive Traits+}

Diplomatic- Not wanting to upset others, Lachlan tends to take a diplomatic approach.
 During fights, he typically takes a more neutral stance, as a peace maker that tries to keep people from ripping out each other's throats.

Gracious- You all know the kind of guy who will hold a door for you and not even expect an acknowledgement or thank you. Lachlan tries to be that type of guy everyday. He tries to be careful not to offend others or say something stupid, an occurrence he tries to avoid despite the size of his brain and the butter knife-like sharpness of his wit.

Brave- Lachlan rarely backs down from a challenge. Sure, it gets him in trouble more often than not, he is willing to go to the furthest extent to prove his masculinity. He is usually the first to react to an emergency and the first to take action. In emergencies he tends to be calmer and more level headed than usual.

Loyal- Lachlan forms long lasting relationships with those he befriends and is always hesitant to go against them in an argument. It is morally difficult for Lachlan to betray those he trusts and it takes much convincing.

Energetic- With the exception coffee-less mornings, Lachlan has a seemingly endless supply of energy. Easily excited, he invigorates his fellow teammates in group settings. Sometimes it can be rather contagious or endearing. Other times, he's about as tolerable as an unsupervised child who has been given an espresso and a free puppy.

{=Neutral Traits=}

Proud- He puts time into the things he cares about and wants everyone to know. It can be both good and bad for Lachlan. Sometimes, he is too proud to admit that he needs help or can't do something. Other times, his pride encourages him to stand up for himself.

Coordinated- Lachland has developed a good sense of coordination with all of his activity. He isn't the infuriating character in horror movies who keeps tripping on invisible obstacles and slowly crawling away from a masked murderer.

Undemanding- Lachlan tries to do what is best but rarely assumes others will do the same. He expects little from them and gives very little in return. His mentality is along the lines or "you do your thing, I'll do my thing, and as long as you don't try to change me we'll be ok."

Loud- Lachlan is rather vocal even if he isn't saying anything of any importance. He can't really help his loudness and doesn't notice when his volume is too loud. He never really learned "indoor voice" because he hated being indoors.

{-Negative Traits-}

Unintelligent- Who knows if Lachlan could have even been book smart. Lachlan is often clueless around smart people and has a blank expression on his face when they talk to him. The simpler it is, the more likely he will be able to understand. If you were trying to explain something to him, imagine you were talking to him like a 6-year-old. Don't even get started on Ikea instruction booklets, seeing as he thinks that they have too many words and not enough pictures.

Stubborn- He has his own way of doing things and whether or not they are effective is up for debate; however, he refuses to change. Change is scary and if you can't punch it in the face or run away, the best solution is to not change. He gets very emotionally invested in his ways and gets insulted when people suggest he change.

Anxious- One would think Lachlan's extensive experience with the ocean and bravery would have taught him to be calm and confident in his ability to not die or screw up. However, he often assumes the worst before it could even begin to happen, and constantly thinks of different terrible things that could happen. Surprisingly, he becomes eerily calm when the crisis actually occurs. 

Jealous- Nobody likes to see their friend playing with someone else, and Lachlan is no exception. However, he tends to grow jealous faster than most, always wanting what he can't have. He still has the mentality of a preschooler who suddenly cares about his toy because someone else to play with it. He'll deny all jealousy if accused, but he'll still act the same.

Nosy- Lachlan enjoys his own privacy but pays little regard to the privacy of his peers. He needs to know everything about everything so that his hair can be full of secrets. He tends to butt into conversations without being invited or linger obviously close in order to hear something. If people ask him about his secrets, he dismisses them; however, he is relentless when he gets an inkling that someone has an interesting secret.

History/Public Profile :
Growing up in the beach city of Perth Australia, Lachlan spent his early childhood tagging along as the youngest of three siblings. The two eldest, both girls, would always leave him stranded on the beach while they played in the "dangerous" ocean water, fun his mother forbade him to take part in without her presence. He grew envious and would sneak a toe into the water to test his limits and it wasn't long until he was chin deep and paddling after his sisters. For Lachlan, the ocean was more than a common place, but a home.

He didn't bother pursuing academics in school because he was always preoccupied with his daydreams about the wide open see. Learning didn't come easy to him so he didn't bother trying harder, and came to accept his deficiencies in school. However, his participation in school sports brought his athletic talents to his attention. Anything physical seemed to come pretty easily and he enjoyed it. He especially loved sports near or in the ocean such as beach football (beach soccer), volleyball, and surfing. His passion for these sports introduced him to a very influential person in his life.

During his teen years, Lachlan saw a woman floundering far out in the sea. She had been pulled out by the rip current and couldn't swim back. In total awe, Lachlan watched a tall lifeguard dive into the ocean, armed with only a small flotation. The lifeguard, several years older than him, brought the woman back to shore and was greeted with respect and gratitude. It was at that moment that Lachlan discovered his dream. He wanted to be brave, the subject of admiration, and still get to be on the beach. Boldly, Lachlan introduced himself to his new role model and expressed interest in training to become a lifeguard. The man, Aidan, formed an instant, brotherly bond with Lachlan because he saw so much potential in the enthusiastic teen. Lachlan began training right away and quickly fit the role perfectly.

There are multiples reasons why Lachlan decided to accept Hope's Peak Academy invitation to join as their SHSL Lifeguard. Though he received praise for his work by beach patrons, Lachlan felt that he was finally being recognized for his true potential. He was no longer seen objectively as a low number on a test, but rather as a human with special talents and abilities. No one would know that he barely passed his classes for years and they would believe that he was just as talented as them. However, accepting a an invitation to an academy when he had no interest in pursuing further education was unlike him. Perhaps it was the call of adventure, the sense of excitement, or the chance to start fresh. Lachlan knew he had one option: accept.

Spoken Languages : English (Strine)- fluent

Lachlan practically lived in the ocean as a child, enjoying splashing water, collecting shells,and exploring tide pools. He made many of his childhood memories there and it is an enormous part of who he is today.

Volley Ball
Lachlan spent many summer nights during his early teens playing volley ball matches with his friends, so he has many fond memories and a killer spike.

BBQ Food
Lachlan's mother always barbecued fantastic meals and it holds a special place in his heart.put another shrimp on the barbie

Being a night owl, Lachlan is prone to staying up late even when it screws him over at 4 am for lifeguard duties. Coffee is his only savior on dreadful mornings like those.

Lachlan loves sprawling out under the stars after a long day. His mother taught him several constellations and he took it upon himself to learn more.

Lachlan amassed a list of superstitions that he is careful not to disobey. He believes strongly in luck and becomes anxious when a superstition isn't followed.

Fish are such nice dudes. They are super chill and just swim around minding their own business. Lachlan likes them so much he refuses to eat them. (He eats all other meats)

Dislikes :
Jelly Fish
Jelly fish are so rude! Lachlan will admit that Jellyfish can be really pretty, but he will never let anyone forget what a nuisance they can be. Their stings leave terrible marks and can kill people.

The moment Lachlan doesn't need his shoes, he kicks them off. Shoes are devil contraptions designed to make your feet uncomfortable and sweaty.

Why read about adventures when you could go out and have one yourself? Lachlan can never focus when reading and ends up feeling bored.

Asking for help
Lachlan likes everyone to think he's the guy who can do anything and everything. He prides himself on his strengths and doesn't want others to see his weaknesses.

Seeing as Lachlan isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, or even the whole hardware store, he takes much longer to catch on to sarcasm and gets offended easily.

Video games
Video games are for boring nerds with no life. Lachlan can't understand anyone who would want sulk in a dark room, living vicariously through the lives of imaginary characters.

As a child, Lachlan would be stuck in his house longing for the ocean until the storm subsided and, as a lifeguard, storms can be dangerous.


Inventory :
-Tiger Balm
-Bum Bag (Fanny Pack)

Trunk :
-First Aid Kit
-Star Guide
-Volley Ball

Gifts : Add when accepted.

Extras :
-Enjoys confusing people with Australian slang
-Can burp the ABC's
-Endless supply of sunscreen
Some Australian slang
Voiceclaim imagine an Australian accent lahfakjsrgh

Roleplay Sample :

Lachlan wandered the halls, searching for an item that he had somehow lost in the few hours he had been there. He paused momentarily and shifted his body in order to catch a look at the newcomer. He quickly took in the boy's appearance and deemed him not a threat, but a feeling of being unsafe still lingered in the back of his mind. He shook it off for now. "Oi," he called out to grab the boy's attention, though it was a little louder than he intended. Lachlan paused a moment before continuing, "How are you going?" Satisfied with the reply he received, he cocked his head and asked, "Have you seen a thong around here," Lachlan asked politely. Noting the boy's confused and shocked expression, Lachlan frowned and cocked his head. Why was this bloke acting as if I said something horrifying? When the boy finally began to stutter an incoherent reply, Lachlan realized his error. He began to wave his hands to calm to poor guy down. "Sorry mate, I forgot you guys don't call them that, no worries," he said as a grin flashed across his tanned face, "what do you call them, sandals, flipflops, you guys have so many weird words i just can't keep track." When the boy had replied without any new information, Lachlan simply shrugged, thanked him for his time and continued his search.
[Marchen-Mafia] Molly Chliobain
:iconmarchen-mafia::iconmarchen-mafia::iconmarchen-mafia: WOWOWOOWOW

Basic info

Name: Molly Chliobain

       Nicknames: None

Age: 19

Height: 4'11/149cm

Weight: 105lbs/54kg

Gender: Female

Sexuality: ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ what is sexuality if you don't use it to manipulate people eehhhh?

Relationship status: Single as far as anyone is aware of ; )

        Famiglia info


Famiglia: Grimm

Rank: 5

Main Weapon: Rapier

Fairytale: Maol a Chliobain
There a bunch of different versions but this has all the endings)

Mother's Blessing- If she's in a sticky situation, Molly either gets an additional boost of willpower or insight.

Wish: To get revenge on those who have wronged her

Who are they?


  • Confident
    • A natural leader, Molly takes pride in her accomplishments and rarely doubts herself in decision making. She could care less what others think of her and her actions. She comes across as assertive and outgoing to those lacking confidence.
  • Humorous
    • Molly makes friends with her quips and funny jokes. It's not uncommon for her to initiate a conversation with an amusing riddle or joke. She dislikes puns because she believes that a good joke has to have effort. Molly uses a variety of styles ranging from very lighthearted to rather dark depending on her audience.
  • Brave
    • Molly fears very few things in life. Aside from her fear of extreme heights, Molly fearlessly take on any dare or challenge thrown her way. She loves to go on adventures and test the limits. She doesn't hesitate to confront conflict head on and take control of a situation.
  • Clever
    • Molly's biggest strength is not her skills in combat, but rather the sharpness of her mind. She is quick to devise solutions to puzzles and problems that may arise. Molly always seems to have an answer to every question she faces. She doesn't always use her cleverness for good and likes to use it against her enemies or her friends there isn't much of a difference.
  • Tenacious
    • Extremely persistent, Molly rarely gives up until she meets her goal. If her plans fail or change she is always determined to make them right again. While some may see this as uncooperative, Molly just isn't afraid to stand up for herself.
  • Self-sacrificial
    • Though Molly is not considered selfless in the conventional way, she is willing to put the needs of others ahead of her own. However, this usually only happens if it ultimately benefits her in the long run. She's the type of person who would steal stuff from a hungry giant so her older sisters can be married off with the incentive that later she will be rewarded too.
  • Sadistic
    • Molly is not a caring person at all. She loves inflicting mental, emotional, and physical pain on others for her own enjoyment. Molly doesn't target people without reason and her victims usually have committed a minor infraction against her in the past.
  • Dishonest
    • Molly lies almost as much as she blinks. It's hard to get a straight answer out of her and she appears to do it out of pure enjoyment. She loves to see the looks on people's faces when she tells them she's a sickly Nigerian Prince who has no living relatives and wants to bestow his family fortune upon them.
  • Impulsive
    • Molly pays no heed to the future when making decisions. She makes almost all of her decisions on the fly and doesn't care much about the outcome or process as long as the results suit her needs When she's angry this trait grows even stronger and more prevalent.


  • Bannocks
  • Riddles
  • Jewelry
  • Cry babies (So much fun to tease them)
  • Playing with fire
  • Lying


  • Tall People
  • Hugs
  • Puns
  • Spicy Food
  • Snitches get stitches
  • People who don't understand sarcasm

Their story


    Molly had always been an odd kid growing up; She enjoyed playing with fire, practicing swordsmanship, and tormenting the woodland creatures that lived near her family's cottage. Her two older sisters were the opposite, spending their time brushing their hair and other girly activities. Despite her estrangement from her older sisters, Molly had a very close bond with her father. He would explore the forest with her and laugh at her dark jokes. He taught Molly how to fend for herself both physically and mentally, but most of all he gave Molly the hope that she could be understood. Unfortunately, after her father's untimely death, Molly grew bitter and angry. She developed a resentment towards men to this day does trust them.

    Time passed and Molly's mother wanted her eldest daughters to grow up and seek their fortune in the real world. With the jealousy not uncommon for the youngest child in a family, Molly insisted that she leave the house as well. While her older sister's chose to forgo their mother's blessing in exchange for larger bannocks, Molly settled with the smaller bannock knowing that her mother's blessing would come to her advantage later. Though the journey showed the true colors of her sisters, Molly decided to keep them around for her benefit later.
    During the journey, Molly managed to outsmart a giant on numerous occasions and save her dimwitted sisters from becoming the main course. Molly tried to live up to her father's wish for her to become more loving and kind, however, she couldn't keep up the charade. With good act she did, there was a twisted motive underneath. Though Molly saved her sisters, she had no regrets about deceiving the giant into eating his own daughters. She proceeded to steal the giant's prized possessions to give to the king in exchange for the wedding of her sisters, but Molly secretly just wanted to instill outrage in the giant. Finally, after being caught, Molly tricked the giant into beating his own wife to death.

    Knowing that the spirit of her father would never forgive her, Molly's attempts to conceal her malicious intentions soon subsided and she came to accept her twisted lifestyle. She soon found a home in Famiglia Grimm, where men were inferior and women were respected. She no longer felt the need to live up to her father's wishes and her fond memories of him lay untouched.



  • Her brand is on the back of neck
  • She has freckles on her cheeks and shoulders curse the resolution
  • Has a soft spot for anything bread related
  • Do not trust her with matches
  • 10/10 will fight you if you mention her height


HAH none pls talk to her

Rp information

Rp methods: Skype>Discord>Notes=Comments

Rp styles: Lit! because it's lit (Also headcanons are really fun to screw around with)

TimeZone: Pacific Time Zone: UTC-08:00
I'm just gonna slide this over here. The opening ends today but it's not too late yet //slapped//
If anyone was thinking of applying/all you procrastinators out there, this is just a reminder that you have a few hours left lmao. shadeflower this means you!!!!

1. This is you


This is accurate

2. This pokemon is your rival


But it is so cute

3. This pokemon is deeply in love with you

Come here my child

4. This pokemon is stalking you

Why hello there

5. This pokemon just stole your cake
On second thought you can keep my cake

6. This is your Lab partner

Abomasnow more like abomination

7. This is your best friend

I can see this happening

8. This pokemon is about to fight you


9. This pokemon will do anything to get your shoes

Ew go away

10. This pokemon is currently hiding in your house

Oh no

11. This pokemon is your pet

Pretty fishy

12. This is your new roommate 


13. This is your new boss

Give me more money...YOU AREN'T THE BOSS OF ME

14. This pokemon watches you while you sleep at night

I'd be scared but you are cute

15. This pokemon is scared of you

Then we are both even

16. This pokemon is about to perform surgery on you

I'm nervous

17. You have to babysit this pokemon all night

Demon child

18. This pokemon loves sleeping on your head
Nidoran F

Cute cute

19. This pokemon envies you

ho ho ho ho

20. Use this pokemon to tag some people
My babe

Thanks Em. This is very fitting to be my first journal...
I'm just gonna slide this over here. The opening ends today but it's not too late yet //slapped//
If anyone was thinking of applying/all you procrastinators out there, this is just a reminder that you have a few hours left lmao. shadeflower this means you!!!!


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